My country

 My country is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is our island home. It lies in the Indian Ocean to the South of India. It is 432 kilometres from north to south, and 224 kilometers from east to west. The country is divided in to nine provinces. Each Province has its own Capital. Sri Jayawardhanapura kotte is the capital of Sri Lanka and Colombo is the chief port. The president lives in Colombo. The international air port is at Katunayaka In ancient times, Sri Lanka was ruled by our own kings. They ruled for the most part at Anuradhapura. They build wonderful thanks pagodhas and viharas. The first Sinhalese king of Sri Lanka was vijaya. He came from India. The last king of Sri Lanka was Sri Vickrema Rajasingha who ruled at Kandy.Our country is very beautiful. I dearly love our mother country.


“Champion Know

There are no shortcuts to the top

They climb the mountain

One step at a time

They have onus for



Before the date of 26th of December 2004 we know nothing about Tsunami. Really if we will capital to know unfortunate   word this is we can have abilities to saving our innocent lives. That hazard makes our country into reverse in all sections including economics

                That kind of environmental hazard called Tsunami origin nearly to the Island of Java and Sumatra with the effecting of the earth which is sculled 9.o at Richter skate

                Owing to vertical vibrations we faced such kind of high tide wares which was tam aged our living style not only this it our living style and property not only this it such mare this it such mare than one million lives.

The Temple of the Tooth Relic

We went on a trip to Kandy. In this vacation we went there with my family.

We worshipped the Temple of the tooth Relic. There is a long  the history with temple of the tooth Relic The princess Hemamala the prince Dhantha brought the Tooth relic  of the buddle to Sri Lanka. This is an important gift to us. Temple of the tooth relic is a beautiful and valuable place to us it holds an important place in the history of Sri Lanka

There is a large elephant in this place. Annually there is a beautiful and many elephant are taking part in it Sri Lankas irrespective of their religions and races gather in the city of Kandy to pany homage to this majestic event

There is a tank in front of the maligawa called the Nuwara wewa  there is a wonderful majority. The Temple of the tooth relic is a two stair building strayed

It is our to protect this place and its annual procession for the future generate and   the generate yet to be born

               People do good and bad things for the environment. Environment is every thing around us trees, water, air animals are parts of it. The nature has a good balance of environment automatically.

                 But people change this balance they cut trees, pollute water and air.They kill animals   in these ways they destroy the beauty of the world. When they do these the environment becomes harmful to the living beings but there are people who do things to the environment. They plabt trees do not add harmful and they clean. It is every man’s duty to Protect our environment.                                           


I won’t to be computer instrutor. Now I follow a computer course at  Horizon Lanka. I have passed the Advanees Level exam.  As I think after this  lovre Ican fulfill my dream. I like to teach for students. I canspend time  with students. I can  be  happily with them There fore. I like this job    


We celebrate many Festivals in our county. New Year festival is one of them. New Year festival camas ones a year it falls on middle of the April. This time is the harvesting season of the frames. So they are happy and rich enough to celebrate New Year day is an astrological
They rue many special items on this day like doing regular nativities and worship elders visiting heinous too I like the New Year festival very much.